05 June 2009


Yay! It's your lucky day! Today I will give you some really usefull links, do not miss them. 
Here they come:
Explosions and Boobs, every time you reload the page you get a new set of images. This is really good for my male viewers.
Don't forget to print some of these formal apologies
Look at this bird, I love it!
But this teapot is almost better.
And another one for my male watchers who consider pole dancing an art, check out the last girl in this clip, I thought that was rather impressing ;)

So there you have it, it's friday and you can see both teapots and porn.
Peace out!


  1. Fredag, tekannor och lite porr! En fin start på helgen. Jag känner att jag vill dela med mig med ett tips till en dokumentär. Ett konstnärsporträtt av Markus Raetz. Helt fantastiskt tycker jag! Blev varm och glad. För er som inte sett det kan jag varmt rekommendera det.

    Kan avnjutas fram till den 5 juli på:


  2. hihi...the teapot was niiiice....I want one of those ;)

  3. I love this cat most!
    The teapot is nice, but I like having nothing :)