10 June 2009

Third interview done

Pictures above: first - me and Lolo showing of my new shirt which I've painted myself, second - me working on the dogsculpture, third - my room in the evening... you can see the sculpture there too, but I'll post a better photo later.

Hello you farters,
 so yesterday I went to my third interview (two more to go now) in Växjö at their designschool. It seems I had underestimated them a little. The school was very nice and Växjö was beautiful... large lakes and big trees.
 I held my shit togheter this time. Didn't fall on my face and didn't fart afterwards. I was just calm, charming and witty. I have to say that it went well, but I can't asume that I'm in. 
 Still, I don't know which school is the best... and yes... moving away from Robert does give me a bad feeling in my gut... oue-eh...

Ok, smell you later, be creative!!!


  1. Man kan undra vem som har tagit bilden. Det verkar som personen som tryckt på avtryckaren har skrämt vettet ur Louis. Han är ju helt förlamad av skräck.

  2. Lolo är rädd för livet! Bilden är tagen med självutlösare!