29 June 2009

04.00 A.M

It was an early day this morning as well. But the cat didn't wake me. My alarm did. When I opened the front door to head out to meet my friend the white horse again, the cat simply sat there in the fresh morning air.
 I think that I have to scroll for locations the night before the morning I am to wake up. Otherwise you just end up at the same place. And that's just... lame and flarr-fhllar-y.

The weeked has been really nice. Lot's of sun, food, bathing and chilling. I hope you had it just as nice as me.
Love Uli

26 June 2009

when Uli gets really GOOD news

So it has finally come. The day that I've waited for over a year. You know, the day when the icky big rock in the stommack finally blazes of to hell.
It started like this. The Game academy wrote to me that I was accepted to their school and wanted me to give them an answer before the second of July... this was a problem since I wouldn't have the answers from the other schools before the middle of July. So I gave the Industrial design school a rang and checked when in July they were going to send me some news. But the lady went; well, I can check it for you now. And then it was like...

You're in

What? How? When? How? 
I bounced upp and down in my room and simply couldn't believe it. I actually got my first choice. All that hard work actually payed off in the end. It's nuts. I slept so good last night. But this morning, off course, I had to call the lady again and ask politely "Could you check it again... I'm afraid that you maybe mixed me up with some one else". But they hadn't. I'm actually in.

So now I feel like I can really have summer vacation. All the angst from the last...eeh... 15 months has finally let go of me. And it feels so good. I feel like a little kid again.

25 June 2009

05.00 A.M

The cat came home at 04.00 A.M after his night of partying. He woke me up and after that I thought that I might as well take a little photo trip out while the light was nice. So I took my princess dress, my camera - jumped on my bike and made this photo. 
 I thought that finally I could jump around the meadows dressed in whatever beacuse no one would be out strolling around disturbing me. 
Mornings are nice. I got home soon after 05.00 and then I made some breakfast and went to the gym for their morning yoga session. After that I had my second breakfast and then I took of to the garden store to buy flowers and after that I busted my ass of in the garden, cutting the grass, buzzing the bushes, planting some flowers and scrubbing the house fasade.
 When I was done with that I met up with my mother to go get strawberries, and then I met with Robert... and then very fast.... I got very tired. While I was whining like a little kid, Robert might have felt like he was in a kindergarden.

24 June 2009

3 bored parts of me

You should sleep. But the cat goes out and you feel like... if he's going on adventures, why am I supposed to stay in? So... you go 3 meters from the house and take a selfportrait by the bush. Is this creative? I would say yes. More creative than staying in. And also, today I realized something; I can actually do whatever I like - did you know that one forms her own life?
I wish I could work with dogs. I think that would make me happy. More than sitting with ten deadlines. I could open my own dog-kindergarden... they are getting more and more popular since people aren't aloud to leave their dogs alone for as long as they wish anymore.

23 June 2009

SuperUli in the night

SuperUli seems to be out on a mission... or sleepwalking. It's hard to tell.
See resent superUlis here and here.

* * * * * * *
Thank you Robert for showing me how to make smoke and helping me out in the night! (You know, we (I?) underestimated flashing it twice, we should try that again next time). Making this SuperUli photo was really fun. But I almost fell into the river that was 4 inches away from me.

Right now on the other hand, I'm out in the garden with Lolo sunbathing... but it's sooo hot that i think I'll have to sweep down to the ocean. See you tomorrow!
Love Uli

22 June 2009

Slutboss = Slut

Now I'm done. The Game academys last task was to make a boss for a RGP-Game... and yes, this doesn't look very good, but my head feels weird. I can't think of anything better. I want to take my bike to town and buy a bikini and look at the rabbits on the way there... you know how it is... when you're a girl (not yet a woman..la-la-in-my-pants).
 But now - I'm officially on summer vacation! No more interviews. No more tasks. No more what what in the butt. YES! So for the next few days I'll be tanning and making superUli and dorky princess photography just to clear my head. So I would say... here comes summer with photo. Gosh... I really miss my camera after all this design things.

21 June 2009

Robin Schwarts

Beautiful photography by Robin Schwarts, his website is worth a visite!
Thank you Simon for the link.

19 June 2009


En ivrig äventyrare och en fantastisk fotograf har omkommit. Vår alldeles egen Stian Håpnes. Det är så otäckt och ologiskt att alla vi som kände honom blir helt paff och matta och ledsna och förtvivlade. Stians liv var verkligen något man hade önskat se utvecklingen av. Han visste hur man skulle leva fullt ut. Gick alltid sin egen väg och levde inte efter någons regler.
 Han ändrade min syn på fotografi helt och hållet och det tackar jag honom tusen gånger för. 
 Men nu har både han och hans bror omkommit i en klätterolycka.

 Först vill jag visa en bild Stian skickade till mig på han och hans bror, han skrev följande:
 "Jeg vil vise deg et fint bilde, som pappa tok av broren min og meg. Vi var på tur i skogen mens mamma lå på sykehuset med lillebror, som hadde blitt født et par dager i forveien. Jeg lurer på hva slags tanker broren min og jeg hadde. Hva peker jeg på?"

Den andra bilden var ett utav min och Stians gemensamma självporträtt. Stian hade frågat mig om vi kunde gifta oss om 13 år, och därmed skulle vi göra ett självporträtt som 33 åringar. Han skrev:
Min høystærede Ulrika Kestere,
Sender Dem et fotografi, eller kanskje jeg burde si selvportrett, som avtalt. 
Når De passer ungene, hundene og alt annet gifte kvinner pleier å gjøre finner jeg roen i skogen og skriver min første bok.
Mikkel kommer og går så mye at jeg må ut i skogen for å kunne skrive i fred.
Beklager at jeg er så egoistisk, men bøker må til.

Deres hengivend
e Stian Håpnes

Och den sista bilden är när vi hade temat till Beethovens 9. Symfoni, Stians självporträtt är så harmoniskt... lite så jag tänker mig att han har det nu. Det är taget på Unstad där jag vet att Stian var väldigt lycklig.

Du är saknad utav väldigt väldigt många Stian. Du är en karaktär som blir svår att glömma.

18 June 2009

Tasks and nightmares

 Yesterday was the last testday at the industrial design school. We had to make a storyboard of us eating breakfast in the morning, then we got some junk (ricepaper, wire, folie and string) and out of that we were to make a construction that showed an interesting lightpicture, then it was my time in the inteview room... that was easy (compared to the rest) and in the end we had 20 minutes to make some junk to put in an envelope that showed what made me diffrent from everyone else.
 So tonight I had like 200 nightmares in a row about diffrent schools that kept giving me diffrent tasks and I kept waking Robert up mumbling I'm so confused... so confused

 Tess is the model in the photo above.

 Peace out.

17 June 2009

No means no Uli

Yesterday was kinda fun. The school is really fancy, the people really nice and the atmosphere good. We started of the testday by sculpturing with clay, then we had to make a logotype and by the end of the day we drew a nude model in 3 different angles. After that we had a small picnic out in the grass. Today we have 4 more things to complete... storyboard, construction and something something.
 But we are a lot of students, there are some good talents and the competition is hard. So we'll see.

When I got home my father gave me a letter from HDK (university of design and artcraft in Göteborg)... when I was going to send my work to them I knew I wasn't going to get in, and when they wanted me to come for an interview I knew I wasn't going to get in, and when I was at the interview I knew I wasn't going to get it. So can you figure out what I knew when I saw that very thin letter.

 No thank you Uli, you're just not good enough. 

Well, you're a piece of fart. What do you say about that?
It's fine in a way, I'm just scared that every letter plumping down my mailbox will say the same thing.
And what more - you know... aaaall that time, thinking, creating and money spent for applications and travel to a school, it's annoying.

The image above is from FFFFOUND

16 June 2009

Worn out

Behe, so the interview at the game academy was.... eeeeeeh. Don't know. It was a mix between drawing a matchbox in 3 angles, drawing yourself as a mutant (I drew myself as a topless squidmutant) and having an interview. One of Roberts friends was interviewing me actually - there you go! That was good, because the other guy was such a banana. We have homework untill next week... to draw the boss in a top-down RPG-game.
But, no time to rest, today and tomorrow I have testdays at Lunds industrialdesign. Which is really important to nail... since that school is really good, I think I will play desperate at this one. It's my last one... so I might as well BEG! 
 Please please take me! Take me now!!

Fuuuck, I feel like I've done a pretty half ass job at all of the schools, it's time to get a grip. I tried telling Robert yesterday about how I was going to end up with a fat ass working with economy or something - I don't think that he thought that that would be a very sexy thing to do. 
 Beacuse you know... design on the other hand - is such a sexy thing.

 Robert, can't we flee the country and start designing toys in a cool place?

15 June 2009

Bye Tess

My sister has gone of to Italy again. Lolo the cat is left in the house... leaving a weird smell no one can find the source too.

I have an interview at the game academy in Malmö today.  So no time to write... have to figure out what I'm going to say.

14 June 2009

I only draw in Black and White

After my saying about color, why the hell do I only draw in black and white?
Well, I have to tell you a secret... I'm just not that good at drawing. Coloring confuses me. It get's messy. I don't get it. An experienced artist would surely very easily point a finger at me and laugh.


Then laugh! I don't care! I didn't care when the kids threw wet napkins at me in high school, so why should I care now?
 (Vanja, don't tell anyone about me crying in the bathroom afterwards)

P.S All you ulicam:ers who don't use mac, I don't know why there is a big white space under the image before the text... I am not doing this. It is utterly confusing. I should fix it. But I just don't know what to do.

P.S.S I like these condoms

13 June 2009

Color is COOL

Today I would like to write about color photography.
Before I start I have to say that there is some really nice black and white photography out there... and sometimes draging the saturation down to zero is just the right thing to do. But sometimes, boys and girls, this is people just beeing lazy
 It's not like I'm not lazy now and then. Look - if I sharpen the picture up, crop it a little and make it in black and white it kinda looks fat! But really, it isn't. And if you've had a lot of contact with newbeginner photographers, you can very easily tell the actual black and white from the fake one. Is there real bw and fake bw?
Yes there is!
Stop taking the color away from crap photography!
I have started to love color in photography. Imagine the frustration when you had amazing color combinations back in the late 19th century and you just couldn't capture it! But then, there were so many photographers who panicked when they suddenly were supposed to go from black and white to color. All of a sudden they had so much more to think about. And that is very true! Annie Leibovitz beeing one of these by the way. Making a really good juicy color combination is a hell lot harder than making a black and white photo of a frickin chairs shadow next to a window (see Stewie Griffins exact quote here). Don't take pictures of furniture and their shadow... who wants to see that? I don't. My father doesn't. Our car Lolo sure as hell doesn't. But he doesn't give a crap about anything. I swear to god.

All I want to say is - color is cool... so yeah, there you have it... and and... black and white is really boring, don't say that you like black and white photography... that's just a disturbing thing to say.
 That's like saying... I like orange food. Because a lot of old things and like... things going out of the body in different directions can be orange too. So there you have it.

12 June 2009

The twoheaded beast

This one is still in working progress. My favorite one so far.
 I'm tired of the terrorist cat attacking all the feathers on my floor, drinking the plaster water and playing around with my pinecones... so I'm putting everything away for today. Think I'll go and sit at Vanjas café all day. Lolo just likes to attack everything. Tess, just so you know - he was eating on your computer this morning and licking a photo of you for 5 minutes untill I threw a stuffed animal at him.

And then... why will I be sitting at a café all day? Well... because the weather is SHIT outside. What kind of summer is this? It's blowing, ice cold and raining. I remember during the spring when I sat with Vanja and dreamed away about the summer, how I would just be laying on the beach all day and working on my tan... and Vanja said that I have to remember that we're in Sweden and that it might not end up like that. But I sure as hell didn't listen to her. And now what? Will there even be strawberries after this kind of storms?
 I'm dropping by a couple of travel agencies today to get some brochures... because I'm sure going to steal Robert away and flee the country. 

10 June 2009

Third interview done

Pictures above: first - me and Lolo showing of my new shirt which I've painted myself, second - me working on the dogsculpture, third - my room in the evening... you can see the sculpture there too, but I'll post a better photo later.

Hello you farters,
 so yesterday I went to my third interview (two more to go now) in Växjö at their designschool. It seems I had underestimated them a little. The school was very nice and Växjö was beautiful... large lakes and big trees.
 I held my shit togheter this time. Didn't fall on my face and didn't fart afterwards. I was just calm, charming and witty. I have to say that it went well, but I can't asume that I'm in. 
 Still, I don't know which school is the best... and yes... moving away from Robert does give me a bad feeling in my gut... oue-eh...

Ok, smell you later, be creative!!!

08 June 2009

Cloudy hungry monday

hello all you ulicam:ers, who ever you are (yes, I say it again - I have no clue, why don't some of you peek out of your panties and say a word for once)
 Gosh I'm hungry today. I just eat and eat and never feel full... why? I've made my first plaster dog/mouse... I really like it. My sculpturing is getting better. I want to buy my art... yeah!
 I also went to the library and got a book about aprins (awesome!!) and about how to make a teddy and how to dress like a princess. Why do I need this? Well, everyone gets their inspiration from diffrent things. And then I went to the toystore and found this bag of plastic animals... rabbit, fox, squirrel... it's fantastic. 
 Tomorrow I'm heading up to Växjö for my next interview (design)... I will try not to make an complete ass of myself this time. But who knowes... I'm might just fall on my face and fart at the same time, these things do happen!

My boyfriend sent me a great picture of a lightswitch, check it out!

Peace out all you farters!

07 June 2009

Dogs and Feathers

I was supposed to go and find some dogpeople in the park today (for a new project)... but I only found one... because it had started raining and off course I thought that people with dogs don't care about rain. But they do. So some poor dogs have probably shit their pants today. Anyway, I went around in my umbrella and collected feathers instead... I want to make dogs in plaster with birdfeathers on their backs. I mean... that has to be cool. Right?

The dog on the photo above is Hepsija, I probably took this picture when I was 11 or something. Åeh... it breaks my heart to see her sad little face again.

05 June 2009


Yay! It's your lucky day! Today I will give you some really usefull links, do not miss them. 
Here they come:
Explosions and Boobs, every time you reload the page you get a new set of images. This is really good for my male viewers.
Don't forget to print some of these formal apologies
Look at this bird, I love it!
But this teapot is almost better.
And another one for my male watchers who consider pole dancing an art, check out the last girl in this clip, I thought that was rather impressing ;)

So there you have it, it's friday and you can see both teapots and porn.
Peace out!

04 June 2009

When things go really bad...

I'm going to write about the interview in swedish... cause let's face it, I don't have that many international readers (if any).

Tidigt på morgonen hoppade jag på ett öresundståg upp mot Göteborg. Där uppe, såsom i Lund, var dom kallt som in i häel-vete!! Jag kommer ut och skakar som en sönderknarkad rockstjärna och får svårt att hålla balansen i mina små vintage läderskor. Huttrandes smyger jag in i det närmaste caféet och sveper en varm choklad med grädde och marshmellows. Därefter köper jag en kappa på rea och någon timme senare träffar jag Fredrik på ett café bredvid HDK och köper en stor kaffe mocca med grädde. I några timmar pratar vi om det hederliga ämnet "Fotografer, vem som suger och vem som inte fattar och att vi själva inte ens fattar". Klockan närmar sig 15.15. Min intervjutid. Jag börjar bli nervös. Riktigt nervös. Jag och Fredrik drar till skolan. Utanför intervjurummet finns det orange stolar. Hissen är orange. Och så finns det en inglasad bild på ett stativ som föreställer tre kärringar som sitter på en orange bänk och snackar.
 Den enda personen där är en liten svettig kille som väntar på sin tur. Jag går och stresspissar. Ser mig själv i spegeln och kan konstatera att jag börjar få stress över hela ansiktet. Röd och flammig. Jag blir aldrig nervös på sånna här saker. Men jag börjar misstänka att det är dålig. Jag är för arrogant och självsäker. Blir jag därför nervös på beställning nu? 
 Jag går ut. Skakar och hyperventilerar. Fredrik blir obekväm och drar. Jag hyperventilerar lite till. Börjar bli tung i huvudet. Kommer jag svimma?
 Någon kommer förbi. Ta det lugnt bruden, andas bara.
 Jag ringer min syster och min pappa. De säger, ta det lugnt, andas bara.
 Killen som haft intervju kommer ut. Han säger, det kommer gå bra, ta det lugnt, andas bara. Han ser inte svettig ut längre. Han ser arrogant ut. Hans tjejkompis kommer förbi, hon säger; äh det kommer gå fint - andas bara.
 Jag vill slå dom allihopa.
Sen kommer intervjukillen ut och välter ner stativet med kärringbilden och rätt som det är finns det glas överallt. Jag tittar på glaset. Det ligger glas på marken. Intervjukillen ser obekväm ut. Jag känner mig konstig. 
 3 minuter senare är jag inne i det lilla rummet. Där var det bara två lärare och en tyst elev. Mitt huvud är blankt. Min söknad ligger på bordet. Den ser förjävlig ut. Dom ställer frågor.
Vad är skillnaden på design och konst?
Vad vill du säga med illustration?
Vad är design?
Vad.... är... det... ni... frågar... mig? Jag kan inte svaren på de här helt orelavanta frågorna. Så då kommer det... som en våg... ORDBAJS I HÖGAR. Vad snackar jag om?? Jag vet inte. Jag köper inte det. De köper inte det. De frågar inte så mycket om mig. De verkar lite uttråkade. Ville de testa mig eller var det deras faktiska frågor?
Har du erfaring av grupparbete?
Jag är 21 år... såklart jag gjort grupparbeten.. vad är det för fråga??

Va va va?
Sen är det slut. Jag träffar Fredrik igen och vi går till HFF och ser på deras fotoutställning big bang som är så dåligt att vi båda diskuterar hängning. Oik! Fatta så glad jag är att jag inte går där! Förlåt... men de fotograferna är verkligen ett enda stort skämt. Pinsamt nästan. 

 Nu är det en ny dag. Skönt att det är över. Men för en röra. Jag har fortfarande lite stressutslag på lår, hals och höft... har aldrig fått det innan. Men det har ni det. Uli som en röra.

02 June 2009

Tomorrow, I have to sound smart

I'm going up to Göteborg tomorrow for the interview at HDK. I hope I won't sound completly dumb. But I most often do. I have real problems with beeing serious. I'm such a ya-ya rubberbutt.

01 June 2009

2 more interviews

Two more. That makes four this month. One last month.

 You know it's really warm out... like crazy warm. All you do is roll around, kick it by the ocean, look for hotpants and eat a lot. Summer has truly started... although the weather is going to be crapier later this week.