30 July 2010


Robert is making me my own longboard and I just finished painting the back of it yesterday, so now it's up to him to finish :) And then let's see if I can ride it down the hill....eh eh :)
Today it's raining again, the air is really cool and crisp, quit lovely. So I'm gonna sit here with my book and listen to the coco chanel soundtrack and drink some oatley :D

28 July 2010

Hello! Just wanted to scribble down that the reason why Ulicam is standing rather still is because I'm putting all my esthetic energy into my children's book for the moment and I don't want to make any posts about it since my goal is to get it published one day and therefor I can't show you any of it :)

23 July 2010


Finally a cloudy day! I actually want to sit outside :)

14 July 2010

Tiny stream

Finding tiny cold streams in a warm place like this is GOLD :)

13 July 2010


After two days in the car we are finally here :)

11 July 2010

on the road

I'm on my way to Italy at the moment.
And it's freeeeaky hot outside!!!

09 July 2010

07 July 2010


Some old fart I found in the botanical garden. The other one is the wing of a dead bird. I was down on the ground with my ass up in the sky when I took that shot. Then two old people went by and told me that someone should take a picture of me with my ass up in the sky. I think not. I think not.

05 July 2010

My paws favorite place

Can you really not write feets? Can you only write feet? I wrote paws. I got confused.

There is a tiny "river" near my house were I love to go and cool my feet during the summer. If I stay there a longer time I always feel as if it is my own little place, but there is always some one who wakes me out of my dream. This time it was some old man looking like Quasimodo lurking in the bushes. Nice. There are simply too many people on the planet. It's impossible to be on a single place without running into someone.
Here's an old post were I'm at the river as well.

03 July 2010


Thank god for girlfriends. Without them you wouldn't have anyone to talk to about feelings and farts and such. So I dedicate this illustration to my two best friends; Vanja and Mina. I hope they won't start to ramble all the gross things they know about me on my wedding, haha. Eh... but no it isn't funny actually... I really do hope they won't tell.
I'm starting to wonder why it's taken me so long to draw new Korpus illustrations, since I really do like them.

02 July 2010

little lamps

I couldn't be more thankful for the fact that we have a big botanical garden in this city... since our garden at home... has nothing. Grass and maybe some poo that Lollo has left behind. When I and Robert have our own garden, it's going to be wild! Wild I tell you!

01 July 2010


Well, since the love of my life has gone off to France to kite surf, I can't do much more than express my love on paper instead. I've been rather bored these past days so he suggested that I draw a new Korpus illustration. So I dedicate it to him :)