03 May 2012

Doll with Donkey

Well, I can't hide away this one anymore! Once I saw the donkeys at the stable where my sister kept her horses I knew they had to be in a picture. I wanted to do the shoot with Tess... but she was very reluctant that day... so we ended up shooting me. But I'm too much of a brunette for this picture I think... but oh well, you take what you get!
The donkey was so kind and this one was actually very pregnant. Her other child was in a box two meters away... crying out III-OOOOO to his mum now and then.
Thank you Tess for helping me with the picture! We actually shot this on my birthday, what a great gift.

Caring for donkeys also feels like a back-in-the-day thing... hence the stopped wind up doll. 


  1. awesome picture! although the donkey looks a bit unimpressed :)

    1. well the donkey was a week away from having her baby, so I think that's why she looks so "lost" :D

  2. Well, I LOVE it...and I am happy that you had a nice birthday and that you didn't find it super boring ;)! kisses <3

  3. The donkey is like: aren't you done yet? Can I go back to my box now?

  4. Great photo, beautiful colours. The dress fits well with the roof´s blue too.

  5. beautiful colors, good contrast, chapeau.

    three Angles

  6. This doll idea is really great!

  7. Gratulerer med fødselsdagen! OG for et utrolig flott bilde!