27 February 2012

Stay childish

You will find more happiness growing down than up.  
~Author Unknown
In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.  
~Friedrich Nietzsche
Happy is he who still loves something he loved in the nursery:  He has not been broken in two by time; he is not two men, but one, and he has saved not only his soul but his life.  
~G.K. Chesterton
The great man is he who does not lose his child's-heart.  
~Mencius, Book IV
Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.  
~Pablo Picasso
When you're green you're growing, and when you're ripe you start to rot.  
~Ray Kroc
The end of childhood is when things cease to astonish us.  When the world seems familiar, when one has got used to existence, one has become an adult.  
~Eugene Ionesco
It is a happy talent to know how to play.  
~Ralph Waldo Emerson
A man is getting old when he walks around a puddle instead of through it.  
~R.C. Ferguson
The opposite of play is not work.  It's depression.  
~Brian Sutton-Smith (play theorist, 1924-)

26 February 2012

The Sutherland sisters

I had to share this with you. Since I've had hair down to my bum once upon a time  I'm fascinated by long hair. And check out these sisters!
Weird how family portrait photographers back in the day made art and today they make crap!
Some history behind the girls from this site:

"The Seven Sutherland Sisters were world-famous for their incredible hair, which reportedly had a collective length of 37 feet. It is said that the siblings’ mother, Mary Sutherland, applied an ointment on the young girls' hair to stimulate growth. Their classmates often complained of the offensive odor...
...their father, Fletcher Sutherland, realized that crowds flocked to see the girls' long hair more than their singing talents. He mixed together a liquid concoction that he called “The Seven Sutherland Sisters Hair Grower.” He sent a bottle to a chemist for an analysis and received the following testimonial: "Cincinnati, Ohio, March, 1884: - Having made a Chemical Analysis of the Hair Grower prepared by the Seven Long Haired Sisters, I hereby certify that I found it free from all injurious substances. It is beyond question the best preparation for the hair ever made and I cheerfully endorse it. -- J.R. Duff, M.D., Chemist."
The Seven Sutherland Sisters Corp. bottled and distributed the Hair Grower from New York City and sold $90,000 worth of product the first year. They soon added a Scalp Cleanser, a Seven Sutherland Sisters Comb and eight shades of Hair Colorators. After achieving world-wide fame in 1893, the Sutherland Sisters spared no expense when building their new mansion on the Ridge Road just west of Warrens Corners. The house had 14 rooms, a marble lavatory with hot and cold running water, a turret, cupola and peaked gables, beds imported from Europe, black walnut woodwork, hardwood floors, massive chandeliers, as well as an attic room for the cook and maids.
On January 24, 1938, the mansion burned to the ground, taking many relics of The Sisters’ glory days with it. The Sutherland family lived lives of extreme excess, and even though they earned millions of dollars in their lifetimes, they all died destitute of their riches."

24 February 2012

Proud and poofy

Oh, I'm sorry for not having very interesting post these last couple of days, but my bachelor project is breathing down my neck and then I have to get my photo workshop ready since I'm leaving for Lofoten next sunday... and on top of that I have another class where I needed to read a 250 page book and write and essay about it...whaa...everything has been too much. So yesterday I decided to do less so I went to the park, spotted this years first spring flowers and then I saw this proud and poofy white dove.
I hope you'll spend the weekend being just as proud and poofy!

22 February 2012

Fly little birdie

Dear readers, If I could ask you - what do you consider to be more fun, studying or working, what would you say?  

20 February 2012

Imaginary animals

During the weekend the rain came and ate up the snow. This didn't stop me and Robert from heading out on a few field trips though. We walked around in wet grounds and saw a place we've never seen before. As always I wished to see some animals, but even if I didn't, I can imagine that they were there. I bet they were hiding under a leaf, watching us from a distance :)

We had mid-crit evaluation of our bachelor project today. I don't think it went very well. Some of my classmate say I only heard the bad in the criticism, some say the teachers didn't make any sense and that it wasn't constructive. I'm voting for the last. But the teachers were in an off mood today, only willing to point out the bad.
Every time I get an email where people ask what school I go to, I say that I study Industrial design but that I do not recommend this education. If you like what you see on this blog, don't study design. The upside of studying something so static is that you tend to daydream even more... you search even deeper for that dreamy place... and without that, many of my pictures might never been created! 

19 February 2012

Theron Humphrey

Photography by Theron Humphrey

A friend sent me a link of a photo series called Maddie on things (or Maddie the coonhound) by photographer Theron Humphrey. I simply love them. Here is are three of my favorites.

I hope you're having a happy sunday!
Little kisses and big hugs

17 February 2012

Bright orange acorn socks

When I rode my bike to ballet class yesterday it was literally raining ice and the streets were so slippery you could DIE. However, we were only 4 girls that showed, so I'm thinking some of the dancers did die on their way to class. Hopefully not.
I've had a lot on my mind lately but when we started dancing I forgot to think about all that. I got so far away from my thoughts that when the teacher said and know we'll do pirouettes across the floor I thought shit I have double pair of socks on me I can't spin. However, I knew that under my black socks I was wearing brightly orange socks with acorns on them. Socks no one is supposed to see. You know, like embarrassing underwear. But I took my black socks of and hid away behind all the other girls. Then the teacher turns around and everyone is looking at me feet and it goes all quite. I'm standing there in my wool long johns feeling uneasy.  I forget that I'm 23 and I think I'm 8 years for a moment and I think oh my god everyone is looking at my acorn socks. I put one foot over the other and say quietly I'm ashamed of my socks. My teacher says I was looking at you feet, not your socks. And then everyone is looking at me like what is the matter with you???
And so that pretty much sums up the eventful happenings of my thursday. 

16 February 2012

Linn Runeson

Artist Linn Runeson asked me to photograph her exhibition and to shoot a few portraits as well. Since I don't get that many real photo assignments it's fun when I do and to try and understand what my client wants. Sometimes you get it right... and I've had a few times when I really haven't :) But it's often due to a lack of communication.
Linn studies architecture in the building next to my design school. She's really friendly and always spoils me with nice compliments, in other words - a great client :)

15 February 2012

14 February 2012

I'm lucky enough to have the same valentine for the fourth time now.
I'm also a strong believer in that if you want to give away a card for valentines, you should go all the way. Don't hold back on the sparkles, the pink and the silly. It's a rather silly holiday anyway :)
And remember, if you don't have a valentine, you shouldn't be sad but simply celebrate love instead. Meet your friends, bake some cakes and watch a super cosy movie.

Unicorn/Dream magazine are releasing their looove issue today.

♥ Uli 

13 February 2012

Nature perfection

On sunday me and Robert woke up to winter wonderland. The sky was dropping big chunks of snowflakes and everything was quite and white. You almost felt like you where indoors when you where outside. A strange feeling. But exciting. Yet calming.
We went out and photographed birds, unfortunalety I only had my little Canon S90 with me, but I manage to snap some shots. I think I want to come back and take more pictures of the swans with my other camera though. With my ULICAMera :)

10 February 2012

Mina dancing

Ah, look I actually finished. Now it's been wrapped and I'll give it to Mina tonight.
Today I wrote down a list of things I should finish and deadlines I have and I sort of dropped my eyeballs or my pants or whatever it is you say because I didn't know how I would finish any of it in time.
I think I need another arm or a slave or a time machine or something.

I wish all of you a wonderful weekend!

09 February 2012


Wow, you guys are really helpful. Thank you for sharing your dreamspaces. I especially like the ones who talked about being under water... because that's one of my absolute strongest dreamspaces. When I'm bathing in the sea, I love to dive under and just "crawl" along the bottom holding on to the sand. I feel like I become one with the sea and that no one could ever find me there. Obviously, if someone came near they would see this pale girl blobbing around in some very shallow water and they'd think what's her problem?. But I wouldn't know that would I? I would be to busy feeling good :)

So I might be introducing illustrations to my bachelor and I'll probably be inspired by some of your dreamspaces. But I'll see. I change my mind every other day. And then when I finally set my mind to something my teachers come along and say "Hello this is fart-ish, do over!".
The Piranha is from my friend Minas room. I love it. But everyone else who visits her complains that it's disgusting. And the sketch is just the beginning of an illustration I'm making for Minas mum. Yes, Mina I know you're reading - I've actually started now, the question is - will I finish as well? 

07 February 2012

Help Uli

Gosh, I'm stuck.
I had my bachelor first idea crit yesterday and our head master thinks I'm taking a wrong turn in trying to create creative mind release with creative objects. He thinks I need more contrasts. To clear ones head, the mathematicians does art, the artist does something opposite of art.

Now I'm thinking about smells... and the touch of different surfaces, temperatures, elements.

But all in all, I need to take s step back and ask you:
What do you think of when I say dreamspace? (an existing place, not in your mind)
What is your dreamspace?

Any answer is a good answer!

05 February 2012

Ice princess

I thought playing the ice princess would be fun. But it turned out to be rather cold. Hence the ice princess. Frozen blue. I got my hair cut... is it noticeable? She cut it weirdly. So I had to curl it. So it won't look so weirdly.

Since the Girl with 7 horses mania is starting to fade, I'm feeling a calm tingle through my body. Time for a new dreamy project. But what will it be? I'll have to take some time of and look at other peoples work for a few days. It's been way to much just about my own work lately. I wouldn't mind looking at these silly rabbit photos for a whole day.

And off course, a big hug to everyone who's ordered a horse print. I'm not really making any profits but it's a wonderful feeling knowing that the pictures are getting new homes in places like Brazil, New York, Portugal, United Kingdom, Latvia, Canada, Switzerland and Australia... to mention a few. It's amazing, I've never had such world wide orders before.

Portable TV has written a wonderful feature about me.

03 February 2012


Due to many requests, I've printed two of the pictures from "The Girl with 7 horses" series.

170 gram paper, silk finish.
297 x 420 mm / 11,7 x 16,53 inches
The print is shipped in a protective cardboard tube.
Order HERE

If you have trouble choosing, know that the tones in the winter print are white, blue and sharp while the giant horse print is yellowish, green and more matte in the colors. Think about what will look best  with your interior!

I asked Lollo if he could help me promote the print shop. He said that this would best be done with violence. Hence the first picture.

01 February 2012


Remember I said that I saw ice on the lakes and wanted to go skating?
Well, so I did :) I nagged on my dad and then we went together. Like all things me and my dad do together it always ends up in photography somehow. This time we skated for a bit but then it rather quickly ended up with my dad photographing air bubbles in the ice and me filming me feet while skating. Often when we drive off somewhere for a photo excursion, the weather is really bad and we end up at a gadget shop looking at new cameras.

Skating meant a lot of breaks drinking hot coco and afterwards we went to buy groceries and I found this adorable toy horse that has become my new favorite (seen to the left on this picture). Yes. I am indeed like a 8 year old.